Radiotherapy induced intracranial growing teratoma syndrome in a pediatric germ cell tumor: a case report and literature review

Songping Zheng, Seidu A. Richard, Yiyun Fu, Yan Ju, Chao You


Introduction: Radiotherapy induced intracranial growing teratoma syndrome(iGTS) in a pediatric germ cell tumor (GCT) is a very rare occurrence and so far, only a hand full of authors have observed this correlation. We also observed a case of cogent association between radiotherapy and iGTS. Case Presentation: We report a case of 4-year-old boy with three months history of headache and projectile vomiting which usually occurred at the early hours of the day. CT-scan of the head showed lateral and third ventricles enlargement which signify hydrocephalus while MRI revealed an enhanced cystic mass around the pineal body. The patient was initially treated with radiotherapy and three months later his symptoms worsened. A follow-up MRI revealed aggressive recurrence of the tumor.Conclusions: We propose that physicians who choices radiotherapy or chemotherapy do a thorough histological diagnosis prior to commencement of treatment as well as long-term follow-ups.


Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Teratoma, Intracranial, Hydrocephalous

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