The Use of Speech Recognition to Enhance the Completeness of the Electronic Medical Record

Daniel F Cesene, Joseph Lyons, Salvatore A Sanders, Tracy J Weigel, Valerie L Mihalik, Kelly L Colwell, Jessica L Romeo


Completeness of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) remains of critical importance to continuity of patient care and safety.  The implementation of Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) within four Northeastern Ohio Emergency Services Departments were studied to assess reduction or replacement of scribe usage as providers were introduced to autonomous capabilities within the documentation process.  This research measured chart audit completeness pre- and post-SRT implementation with and without the use of scribes and medical transcriptionists.  A repeated measure ANOVA using paired-samples t-tests compared mean completion scores one-month pre-SRT implementation versus six-month post-implementation.  Incorporation of SRT into EMR documentation by emergency services providers demonstrated significant improvement in overall EMR completeness scores when compared with other documentation methodologies.  The results of this investigation provide medical providers and policy makers with positive evaluation of overall SRT clinical effectiveness. These findings have implications for future decision-making regarding SRT implementation.

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