Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: The Successful Use of Radiofrequency-Induced Heat Therapy

John David


The present gold standard for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis is pentavalentantimonials either sodium silbogluconate (Pentostam) or meglumineantimoniate (Glucantime). These drugs are quite toxic.  They are given by injection and usually administered IM, IV for three weeks or intralesionally for seven or more weeks. That is why the successful introduction of radiofrequency-induced heat therapy (RFHT) using a ThermomedTM1.8 instrument administered in a single application, with minimal toxic effects, is cost effective and so important for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis. A review of the studies on heat therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasisis the subject of this article.


Cutaneous LeishmaniasisRadiofrequency Heat Therapy

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